King Kong Atari 2600.jpg

King Kong for the Atari 2600 is a Donkey Kong spin-off published by Tigervision and Programmed by Karl T. Olinger. The game features King Kong at the top of the screen a lady you have to rescue. You are at the bottom of the screen and have to run up ramps, climb ladders, and jump over explosives. The quicker you reach the top the greater point bonus you receive. Acording to the back of the game's case you are actually climbing the Empire State Building. This game is very rare and is hard to find in stores. This game may be perhaps one of the most unknown games on the Atari 2600. We can assume that you are playing Jack Driscoll and the lady you have to rescue is Ann Darrow but we may be incorrect. The man may not be Jack because Jack has a darker hair color and the man in the game has a blonde hairstyle. Perhaps it's Carl Denham. We will probably never figure out.

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