RKO Pictures is a flim production and distribution company. Founded in 1929, RKO Pictures is probably one of
RKO Radio Pictures
the most famous black-and-white production companies. The company would never make silent films and it would only make talking films. The first film the company produced was the musical Syncopation. In 1933 the company would produce one of the greatest films of all time. King Kong (1933) A few months later, RKO Pictures would go on to produce Son of Kong. A sequal to King Kong. RKO would later go on to produce classics like Citizen Kane and It's a Wonderful Life. Starting around the 40s, RKO began to produce B-Movies. There were 31 B-Movies released. Examples of these films are The Cat People and The Body Snatchers. Now days, RKO Pictures dosen't produce or distribute films.
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