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Skull Island is the home of Natives, King Kong, and dinosaurs. Skull Island is located somewhere off the coast of

Map of Skull Island.JPG

Sumatra. There is a small rocky hill in the middle of the island which is shaped like a skull hence the name Skull Island. At first many believed this island to be abandoned but with further investigation it was discovered that natives lived on this island. It was also discovered that dinosaurs and a mighty gorilla named Kong live on this island. In Son of Kong, the sequal to the first King Kong movie, we last see the island sinking into the sea.


  • The trees and plants in the background on the stop-motion animation sets were a combination of metal models and real plants. One day during filming, a flower on the miniature set bloomed without anyone noticing. The error in continuity was not noticed until the film was developed and shown. While Kong moved, a time-lapse effect showed the flower coming into full bloom, and an entire day of animation was lost.