Native Chief

The Natives are the inhabiters of Skull Island. We do not really know anything about their background. When Carl Denham, Ann Darrow, and the rest of the crew arrive on Skull Island The Natives kidnap Ann and Sacrifice her to their god, King Kong. Kong falls in love with Ann however and does not eat her. The Natives don't seem to mind this that much. The Natives have a wall built seperating the wild parts of Skull Island and their village. Kong and Ann are curently on the wild side. So Carl and a few members of the crew go on the wild side to rescue Ann. Once they rescue Ann they take her back to the village with the Natives. Kong is displeased. He breaks down the walls and destroys the village and stomps or chews on The Natives. Carl, Ann, and the crew then throw gas-bombs at Kong and leave the island with Kong. We never see The Natives again.

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